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      Zhejiang Goodsun Synthetic Leather CO., LTD, established in2008, operating according to the ISO quality system, is a professional manufacturer and exporter, which is concerned with design, development and production of synthetic leather.

We are located in NO.11, Yongqiang Road, Duqiao Easterm Industrial Park, Linhai City, Zhejiang Province.


Geographical advantagesFace the coast of the East China Sea, back to Duqiao Town, the hometown of national glasses, south adjacent to Jiaojiang District, where the Taizhou Municipal Government is located, and north to Taozhu, China Geopark.


Honor: Since the establishment of the company, it has been awarded the title of "Top 50 Industrial Enterprises in Linhai City" and "Industrial Taxator" by Linhai Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government year after year; won the 2011 / 2012 "Science and Technology Innovation Award" awarded by China Plastics processing Industry Association; and won many honors from local governments and industries such as "Top Ten brands of Chinese artificial Leather Industry" awarded by China Plastics processing Industry Association in 2013.


Scale: There are three factories with a total investment of 650 million yuan, an area of 340 mu and an annual output value of 100 million meters of PU synthetic leather. Systematic research and development, production and sales, existing more than 2,000 employees.


Equipment   With the most advanced synthetic leather production line and a series of advanced production equipment, environmental protection equipment, is the most large-scale, the most complete variety of synthetic leather production enterprises.


Product chainProducts keep pace with the times, based on customer needs, widely used in garments, bags, men's and women's shoes, sofa, furniture, automobile accessories and other fields. Super fiber and water-based products are also gradually mature.

  • Clothing leather Following the pulse of the times and grasping the market demand, the products of garment leather are famous in the industry for their fashion, durability, color, softness, strong vertical feeling and flexibility.

  • Shoes’ LeatherProducts of Shoe leather which are breathable and waterproof, surface anti-skid, are listed as the first of the same kind of products in the market in peeling strength, tear strength, folding times and other indicators

  • Luggage LeatherProducts of luggage leather have the characteristics of environmental protection, flame retardant, tasteless, scraping resistance, diverse varieties, rich colors, smooth surface, high peeling strength, strong plasticity.

  • Microfiber LeatherSuperfine fiber reinforced PU has excellent properties, such as wear-resistance, cold-resistance, air-permeability, mildew-resistance, waterproof, aging resistance. It has been widely used in sports, leisure life and industrial products and so on.

  • In order to meet the development of waterborne ecological synthetic leather and the demand of terminal market, our company has made great efforts to develop waterborne products, which has entered stability, good physical properties, tortuous resistance, good softness, high tensile strength and air permeability. It fully embodies diversification, functionalization and fashion.


client baseProducts are exported to Europe, North America, Southeast Asia, the Middle East and many other regions, and now cooperate with H M, Zara, Target and other international brands to make great progress.


Organizational structureGOODSUN is a joint venture between Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. Under the unified leadership of the general management, the departments manage at different levels and gradually improve the internal management system.


       For the future, Zhejiang Goodsun Synthetic Leather CO., LTD. has formulated a global development strategy and established a core business dominated by synthetic leather. After ten years of development, it plans to strive to enter the top ten in the world synthetic leather industry.

       Zhejiang Goodsun Synthetic Leather CO., LTD. warmly welcomes people of insight, customers at home and abroad to come here to discuss and work together to create a better future.



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Add: No. 11 Yongqiang Road, Toumengang New Area, Linhai City, Zhejiang Province